Remembering Loved Ones Through Food: A Photo Story

When I was asked to write for Parts Unknown, Punjab in 2017, it had been close to two years after I met Anthony Bourdain during a closed taping in Manila. We spoke about an article I was working on the Grand Trunk Road. “I’d love to read it,” Tony said and I was elated that he took interest in what I did. He has served as an inspiration throughout my career as a writer.✍️

I recently returned from a trip to my hometown of Amritsar and brought my mother’s ashes to a cemetery up in the mountains. I had not been back there since I wrote for Tony. Dealing with loss and grief can be difficult and I miss them both immensely. To cope, I retraced all the places they both loved, to recreate the perfect day, as I did once before. 🌶️

It’s true, the greatest way to honor and remember those we love is through food.…/amritsar-perfect-day…/

Eat Ghee, find God 🙏 India. 2022.

All 📷 Shirin Bhandari

Edited by the one and only Ben Molina🎞

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