The New Entrepreneurs Documentary Film

Made possible through a grant provided by the International Media Support, I was able to direct and produce a short documentary on “The New Entrepreneurs” an audio-visual concept that brings attention to women and entrepreneurship in the Philippines in indigenous or minority communities. Some of the most fascinating stories are about people from the most unlikely positions doing extraordinary things. Taking destiny in their hands, often having to overcome doubt, ridicule, and resistance from family and community, these are inspiring stories of women overcoming these challenges through innovation. 🎞️🎥

To those who were unable to watch the short film on Cignal TV (aired in March 2022), I am sharing the film below, where I narrate our story on how our company, Pitik Multimedia came about. Follow us- as my friend and colleague filmmaker Cha Escala brings back a group of young students from her hometown of Burauen, Leyte, while eight months pregnant to set up a production studio in the heart of Manila amidst a pandemic. I’d love to hear what y’all think! Thanks ✍️🎬🎦📽️
Music by Paul Puti-an 🙂 🎶🎸

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