Logan Nonfiction Program

Thrilled to be surrounded by such a smart and talented group of people to work on my long-term project, “People of the Lake”, a documentary film on the effects of war, colonization, and displacement on the people of Marawi, in Mindanao, Philippines. Thank you to my editor from the Women’s Media Center Frances Nguyen, DOP Matt Baguinon, and to Cha Escala who has helped me produce this film and make sense of it all. It would have been nice to have flown to NYC for this but will make the most of it virtually from my small studio in Manila. This is a new journey for me to direct and hopefully complete my first feature-length film.

The Logan Nonfiction Program’s mission is to empower writers, documentary filmmakers, photojournalists, and multimedia creators to complete the nonfiction that changes our world. Logan Nonfiction fellows are known for bravely revealing inequality, illuminating untold truths, and investigating the most pressing issues of the day through long-form narratives.

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